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Shielded Site

Now any website can be a place of refuge. If you need help but are worried about repercussions from a controlling or abusive partner, this is a safe way to find it. With The Women’s Refuge Shielded Site, victims of domestic violence access a shielded portal through which they can contact us, find out how to make a plan to safely get out of a dangerous situation, learn how to stay safe online and get answers to questions about what comes next – all without fear of it showing up in their browser history for anyone else to find.

This simple icon makes our websites a place of refuge.

The Shielded Site icon is now available on all pages at

Victims can visit our website, click on the Shielded icon and access a secure shielded portal through which Women’s Refuge can be contacted, advice sought and help given to get victims out of a dangerous situation.

For more information on how the Shielded Site works visit Women’s Refuge Shielded Site ( We encourage you to share this icon on your digital business platforms so together we can provide more places of refuge for victims of abuse.



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