• Our ORIGAMI coffee dripper, with deep vertical groves and vivid coloring looks like a real piece of origami paper art.
  • There are 21 ribs create space between the coffee paper and the dripper, allowing the hot water to flow unobstructed to brew great coffee.
  • And just as with the cups, there is a colorful selection to choose from.
  • size: Φ115×70H, bottom hole Φ25mm
  • Serve: 1-2 cups
  • Made in Japan


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Navy Pink Turquoise Yellow Black White
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Based on the needs of baristas.

That is why our tools make fantastic coffee.

And beautiful coffee.

Vertical gutters of the dripper stabilize the extraction speed to perfectly extract the flavor of beans.

The vertical gutters of ORIGAMI drippers are designed for the perfect extraction speed – not too quick yet not too slow. Multiple gutters secure the air passage between the dripper and the paper filter which regulates the brew time to enable the extraction with the perfect steaming time.

Porcelain material and cone-shape are perfect for the steaming process.

ORIGAMI drippers are made with Mino Ware which has 400 years of history. Pottery and porcelain have good heat conductivity, and are perfect for the steaming process. Additionally, the perfect “cone-shape” allows ground coffee to be immersed under the hot water for a longer time, absorbing good amount of water. The ground coffee swells fully and aromatically, and enhances the characteristics of the beans to the fullest extent.


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