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MHW-3BOMBER Formula Smart Coffee Scale

Smart and convenient and make extraction / brewing smoother

High accuracy sensor and matte stainless steel panel

USB cable and environment-friendly lithium battery

Silicone mat no residue water, anti-scald and water-proof

Two smart mode: drip mode and espresso mode

Formula coffee scale is different from other ordinary scales

It has a new breakthrough on function with advanced chip

With the help of a “solid-liquid detection” clip

It can automatically recognize the water flow and start timing

Knowing exactly what user is doing

Reduce related incorrect operations

To realize the smart function in a real sense



Material: Stainless steel / PVC / ABS / Silicone

Color: Black / White


Power: 3.7v / 1600mAh

Weighing Range: 0.3g-2000g

Weight: 330g

Origin: China


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MHW-3BOMBER Formula Smart Coffee Scale