Mazzer Robur S Auto


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Mazzer Robur S Auto


Mazzer Robur S doser – the industry standard for the very busy cafe, quietly grinding up to 50kg per week. The Robur comes with conical grinding burrs which rotate at a very low speed though with lots of torque (unlike flat burrs) giving the espresso a different flavour profile resulting from more uniform particle sizing.

Organically painted in silver, white or black also available lacquered over highly polished aluminium.

– 52% Retention

– no clumping with the grind flow control system

– average grind speed 5g / 1 second

Recommended kilos per week 50 kg/week
blade change every 1000 kg
grinding speed 260 g/min
motor speed 420 rpm
motor power 900 W
Hopper capacity 1.8 kg
Burr size (Conical) 71 mm