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Hero Mocha Pot M06

Product Features:
Use food grade stainless steel to guarantee the quality. It is corrosion resistant, rust resistant and easy to clean.
The extraction pot hole is made of high quality material, which make the coffee more mellow, and bring high quality coffee to you to enjoy.
Suitable for induction cookers, ceramic furnace, alcohol furnace, gas stove.
Heat insulated ergonomic handle and easy-pour spout, plus good sealing, make up your quality life.
Polished mirror surface makes it look elegant and exquisite.
Safety valve adjust pressure in boiler, keep pressure in appropriate level, fully release the flavor and mellow of coffee. The most important is ensuring safety.
With a quick and even heating, accompanied by a strong aroma, HERO espresso maker can offer you a pot of 4 cups of gourmet espresso in just five minutes, and you’ll be instantly impressed by its rich taste and aroma.

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