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HB ROASTER HB-M6E 600g Coffee Roaster

200g to 600g batch roasting


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HB ROASTER HB-M6E 600g Coffee Roaster

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  • Faster Heating Conduction 0-3000W Promise transformer, easily reach 16°C limit
  • The new design of the overall structure, coffee beans heated evenly.
  • 4 sets of temp data detection Real-time data display Temperature is more accurate
  • Military grade chip USB / Bluetooth sync data transfer Overtemperature alarm system.
  • Clean Energy High Thermal Efficiency Convenient And Safe
  • Structural Optimization Efficient heating system Nano-type material of the drum Free to adjust the air volume and Roller speed

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Technical specifications

Capacity 200g-600g
Heating Method Gas or Heating
Type Drum Roast
Total Power 130W / 3000W
Gas Consumption 0.02m3 / h
Roller Speed 74rpm
Size 780 × 480 × 746mm

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Weight 50 kg