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HB ROASTER HB-M2S-E 200g Coffee Roaster

HB-M2S is a 200g coffee roaster. It is optimized for sample roasting and can use Artisan and Cropster software to create profiles for larger roasters.
HB-M2S-E is available with electric heating.


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HB ROASTER HB-M2S-E 200g Coffee Roaster

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3 Temperature Sensors

Our 200g coffee roaster includes three temperature sensors: Bean temperature sensor Air in temperature sensor Air out temperature sensor With three sensors you can observe your roasting procedure in detail and adjust your roasting parameters. The sensor information will be transmitted and saved to your roasting software.

High-level Control

Our roaster features three controls to adjust your roasting results:

  1. Airflow adjustment
  2. Drum Speed adjustment
  3. Gas power adjustment

With these three adjustments you can optimize your roasting results. Need even more control? Ask us for our additional Airflow Meter sensor.

Included Chaff Cyclone

What about the waste? The roaster comes with:

  1. Ready to use chaff cyclone
  2. Chaff drawer beneath the drum
  3. Exhaust pipe

If you want to use your roaster without external ventilation, ask us about our additional air purifier unit.

USB and Bluetooth Connectivity

Take your roasting to the next level… or a bigger roaster. Our roasters work with the following roasting software:

  1. Artisan
  2. Cropster

The roaster comes with built in USB and Bluetooth connection to connect your roasting software.

Weight 25 kg