Ghibli R15 Commercial Roaster

NZD55,000.00 + GST, inc. GST is NZD55,000.00

The Ghibli R15 commercial coffee roaster was designed to meet the needs of quality industrial coffee roasting for medium volume production. Ghibli R15 commercial coffee roaster features full professional profile and heavy-duty design for quality roasting and reliable operation.

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  • Ghibli R15 dead lock handle
  • Ghibli R15 front plate
  • Ghibli R15 touch screen

The Ghibli R15 commercial coffee roaster roasts continuously while cooling is done outside the drum, allowing you to roast up to 60 Kg per hour. The Ghibli R15’s construction excels in its high craftsmanship thanks to CAD design and high production standards.

The Ghibli R15 commercial coffee roaster was designed to provide the latest technology, for those who really understand and appreciate quality, and for those who deserve the best. The Ghibli R15 is much more than a rotating “barrel on flames”. For us, at Coffee-Tech Engineering, being the best is our goal.

The Ghibli R15 is a product that was designed using the most advanced product design software from start to finish. This helped us optimize parameters such as: advanced thermodynamic characterization; optimal heat distribution; robust accurate drum housing which keeps the drum spinning “in line” for life; drum proportion for an optimal ratio between heat conduction and heat convection; in drum agitation design for perfect beans fluidizing; greater conduction between metal and beans; chaff separation and immediate beans evacuation from drum to the cooling group in order to bring the roasting process to an immediate stop; perfect heat dispersion thanks to a well-studied ceramic combustion chamber optimally located against the drum, spreading heat equally all around the drum – this in contrast to the common open flame directly applied to the poor drum, pointing to only certain points at the time.

Coffee-Tech’s entire Ghibli line is equipped with the most efficient turbo gas burner. It is a clean heating source, providing maximum efficiency in gas burning and minimal emission of Carbon Monoxide. It is safe, economical and stable, with many unique parameters to control and calibrate as described in detail in our user manual.

Ghibli R15 with integral destoner

  • Integral destoner Ghibli R15
  • Integral destoner Ghibli R15

Additional information

Roaster Add-On

Afterburner for Ghibli R15, Automatic Roasting Profile Software & Integration Hardware for the Ghibli line, Avirnaki Smoke Trapping System, Data Logging, Destoner for Ghibli R15 (with frequency inverter), Fully Modulated Burner, Infrared Drum, Thermodynamic Drum, Wood Firing System (integrated + pneumatic integration)

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