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FZ94 Lab Roaster Evo

The FZ94 Lab Roaster is the ultimate lab roaster for samples, cupping, green beans assessments, coffee blending and research.

The FZ94 Lab Roaster was designed with Roast-Masters in mind; it is simply the most advanced roaster of its kind in the world. This unique coffee roaster truly offers total control over the roast process while still maintaining user-friendly operations, a small footprint, a stunning design and outstanding roasting quality of the entire capacity range. The roasting capacity range in the FZ94 is anything from 100 gr to 2.4 kg. (0.2 – 5.3 lbs.) Roasting with the FZ94 lab roaster allows Roast-Masters and true aficionados to experience and experiment with the widest spectrum possible of roasting factors.


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FZ94 Lab Roaster Evo

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The FZ94 Evo gives roast masters intuitive control and unrestricted flexibility over the complete roasting process in every cycle. leveraging the benefits of our award winning FZ94 Pro-Lab, it marks an evolution in advanced lab and shop roasting.

  • AUTOMATED Roast Profiles: repeat your custom-designed profiles
  • Intuitively Operated: using a high-end touchscreen
  • Efficient Control: electric-driven heat modulation, from 1 to 100%
  • Wide Range of Batch Capacities: from 100g all the way to 2.4kg
  • Drum Speed and Venting Control: for precise results
  • Plug-and-Play Operation: intuitively easy to use
  • Precise Monitoring: via individual probes and PID controllers
  • Seamless Data Logging: record and analyze of your profiles
  • Small Footprint: and stunning design

Superb for easily repeating your automated profiles across a vast roast range, this lab and shop roaster is designed for accuracy, efficiency, and reliability. The FZ94 Evo propels your evolution as a roast master.