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Nucleus Coffee Tools Compass


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Nucleus Coffee Tools Compass

Introducing the latest innovation from Nucleus Coffee Tools.  The Compass tool has been purposely designed for the industry, it is stylish and totally hands-free; the Compass allows you to maximise your coffee’s potential and uncover the changing flavour profiles of your brew.

Why focus on temperature?

The temperature of your extraction varies, therefore affecting the sensitivity of our taste and tactile receptors, especially extreme hot or cold temperatures. The optimum temperature zone peaks can vary between receptors, for example; sweetness receptors peak at 37°C (98.6°F), while salt sensitivity peaks at approximately 32°C (89.6°F). With this in mind, you can offer your customers not only an origin and basic flavour profile of the beverage served but this can now be taken a step further by explaining flavour structure at various temperatures.  The Compass Drink Thermometer takes the drinking experience to an entirely new level, making your beverage the centre of attention through a guided tailor-made experience!


  • Temperature reading can be changed between Degrees Fareinheight and Degrees Celcius
  • Hands-free infra-red technology
  • Precise and accurate readings, with a one second reaction time when reading
  • Efficient design means it remains out of the way of beverage and user
  • Adjustable height to fit a variety of cup sizes and serving vessels
  • Removable temperature sensor – makes the perfect portable handheld temperature sensor
  • Quality control


  • Materials: Stainless steel design, rubber non-slip base
  • Dimensions: 100mm / 3.94in (W) x 120mm / 4.72in (L) x 180mm / 7.09in (H)
  • Weight: Approx. 180g / 6.35in
  • Battery: USB micro-b rechargeable
  • Temperature range is from 0 – 100° C / 32 – 212° F

Some Helpful Tips on the Compass: 

  • Initial Set Up: the Compass stand and temperature head are pre-assembled, a full charge is recommended prior to first use to ensure healthy long-term battery performance.
  • Charging: the Compass can be charged with the power either on or off
  • Height Adjustment: To adjust the height of the Compass, simply twist the knob on the upright stand which allows the head to slide up and down. Once the head is in the optimal position twist the knob clockwise to lock into position.
  • Turning On/Off: Hold the button down for 1 second. note- the Compass does not turn off automatically
  • Changing the Temperature Display: To change between degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit, simply short press/tap the button on the rear of the head.
  • Using the Compass: Once the Compass is on, it is ready for use! The display screen will show real-time temperature readings. Place the vessel on the platform and watch for accurate and precise reading to be displayed. Ensure not to submerge any part of the temperature head, display screen or temperature sensor in any liquid as this may result in damage to the product.
  • Temperature Head: The temperature head can be completely removed for the unit by loosening the knob (turning anti-clockwise), continuing to turn until the head completely detaches. Ensure that you support the head whilst doing so. Once the head has been removed, you can use your Compass as a portable temperature reader.
  • Cleaning your Compass: Minimal cleaning is required, when needed, wipe all external surfaces with a soft, lint-free microfibre cloth. The rubber mat can be removed and cleaned which also ensures that no build-up occurs between the mat and the base of the stand.
  • Caring for your Compass: As the temperature head is not waterproof, avoid wiping with wet cloths. A dry or damp cloth is recommended. Avoid extreme temperature or chemical exposure as this may cause long-term damage to the surfaces. Long-term exposure to direct sunlight or UV exposure can cause the material to fade. 
Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 30 cm