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CINOART Automatic Tamper PTB-FI

This is an automatic tamper designed to sit underneath Fiorenzato F64 & F83, Mazzer & Mahlkonig grinders.


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CINOART Automatic Tamper PTB-FI

Casing Materials: Full metal frame and exterior
Product Size: 274*230*190 mm
Tamper Diameter: 58mm
Adjustable Pressure: 10~30kg
Pressing Duration: 1.2S
Voltage: AC 100V~240V 50/60HZ
Power: 60W

CINOART PTB-FI Automatic Tamper Feature

During the development of our automatic tamper, we conducted thorough force analysis and performed thousands of fatigue tests to ensure that the structure is robust enough to withstand high pressure. We also carefully selected materials that are suited for this application, aiming to mitigate any potential changes that might occur after repeated use.

It seems that you have zoomed in ten times on the pressure effect, which allows for a closer examination of the tamper’s structure and movement on the right side. This detailed observation aids in understanding the performance and behavior of the tamper during operation.

2. Overcurrent protection
During the fatigue test, it was observed that the quick movement of the tamper generated large currents that had the potential to cause damage to the main board. In response to this finding, we have updated our electrical design to include overcurrent protection. This enhancement ensures the stability of the device even when used for extended periods of time, providing added durability and safeguarding the motherboard from potential damage.

3. Quick Switch Design
PTB-FI offers the convenience of quick pressure switching through three upper buttons: 10kg, 20kg, and 30kg. This feature is particularly useful for single or double coffee. Furthermore, you are able to adjust and save the pressure settings for each button.

Additionally, the tamping cycles can be adjusted from 1 to 3 by using the right button. This adjustment effectively prevents the ground coffee from sticking around the basket.

4. Calculate Function
On the panel, you can initiate the counting of how many times you have used the coffee tamper by pressing the “ * ” button and the “20kg” button simultaneously. This feature has been well-received by coffee shop chains who find it valuable for their operations.

5. Guide Leveling System
When we use the automatic tamper at the begining, we found that it was difficult for fresh user to flatten the ground coffee during his first time, and this is the most important function of the espresso tamper. So we made many tests to solve the problem and finally we find a perfect solution, we named it guiding device.

So now what you need to you? Just put the basket on the platform and left, in 1 second, CINOART will help you to make a perfect tamping.

6. Patent Protected
We have developed our pressure filling solutions independently and do not have any conflicts with other manufacturers regarding patents. We have taken the necessary steps to apply for relevant patents to protect both ourselves and our partners.

7. Fit Mazzer, Mahlkonig Grinders
We also design an additional frame to fit more grinders.

Mazzer Grinder: Mazzer Mini doser Grinder, Mazzer Mini electronic A Grinder, Mazzer Lux D Grinder, Mazzer Super Jolly Grinder, Mazzer Major Grinder, Mazzer Kony Grinder, Mazzer Robur Grinder, Mazzer Kold Grinder;

Mahokonig Grinder: Mahokonig E65S Grinder, Mahokonig E65S GBW Grinder, Mahokonig E80S Grinder, Mahokonig E80S GBW Grinder.

Weight 8 kg