Brewista NutraMilk Butter and Smoothie Bowl

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Brewista NutraMilk Butter and Smoothie Bowl


The NutraMilk nut processor from Brewista is a patented, revolutionary product, designed to make delicious, healthy, nut milks and butters from almost any nut available. The NutraMilk makes the process of creating alternative milks and incredibly fast, cost-effective, and hassle-free, without needing to soak, strain, and then blend the nuts.

The Brewista NutraMilk Butter and Smoothie Bowl Set is the perfect accessory to accompany your NutraMilk machine. This bowl set has been designed specifically for blending smoothies and butters, and does not need the ingredients to be separated before blending. Simply add all your ingredients into the smoothie bowl, blend, empty the contents, give it a quick rinse, and then wash in the dishwasher (top rack recommended). For less risk of cross-contamination, use the original NutraMilk mixing basin to prepare one type of butter, and then use the Butter and Smoothie set to make another.

The NutraMilk Butter and Smoothie set includes the mixing bowl, bowl lid, wiper blades, and the cutting blade assembly. The mixing bowl also includes a handle and spout to easily pour fresh, healthy smoothies.


– Fast, dairy alternative butters and smoothies in minutes
– Limit the risk of food contamination by using a second set
– Easy clean up, with no inner filter
– Dishwasher safe
– BPA-free Tritan bowl


– Stainless Steel cutting blades
– Nylon blade housing
– BPA-free Tritan mixing basin
– BPA-free Tritan lid
– BPA-free polypropylene wiper blade

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