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Avirnaki Smoke Trapping System


Avirnaki Smoke Trapping System

Avirnaki is a smoke free solution for labs and roasting facilities who need to roast their coffee samples and raw materials professionally.

It’s a wheeled transportable filter connected to the roaster’s exhaust which absorbs the smoke and odors, enabling roasting inside labs/training centers/coffee academies without the need for chimney or ducting.

Clean and safe
The Avirnaki is a noncombustible product, making it a clean energy based filter, and safe product to use.

The Avirnaki is using a low energy consumption less than 0.5Kw, and since working on single phase 220V which is available everywhere.

Low consumption
Highly efficient filter using very low electricity consumption

The Avirnaki can be used as a roasting cart for our roasters such as the FZ94 Pro Lab or the Solar.
Simply attach your Avirnaki Filter to the roaster with provided locking screws to prevent falling accidents

Low maintenance
The filter needs no specialist or expert personnel for servicing. The filters is using two detachable cassettes cleaned by soaking in water an cleaning solvent

Small footprint
As with all our products, the Avirnaki is excelling in small footprint to save floor space at your lab, academy or roastery.

Connecting the filter to a roaster takes 2 minutes, operation is intuitive, in fact you will be able to roast without smoke within 20 minutes after placing your filter and connecting it to your roaster