Crafting award-winning coffee hinges on choosing premium beans, utilizing cutting-edge roasters.

Why Our Coffee?

Auction Coffee

We purchase many of our high end coffees through auctions. This allows us to provide a good selection of the best quality coffees for our customers. Learn More

Advanced Roasting Technology

At Coffee Tech, we utilize cutting-edge technology like the V-blender to ensure even mixing and consistent roasting of our coffee beans. 

Expert Selection

The Right Tool For The Job

Purchase with confidence; these gears have been tested by baristas, for baristas

Choose the perfect brewer for the art


Enjoy with assurance; this coffee machine is designed by coffee enthusiasts, for connoisseurs



We love supplying local brands and coffee shops.

Here is what our clients have to say

The coffee is amazing!!

Best coffee we had in the office.


Coffee tech is a group of guys who have passion for providing the best coffee experience for those real coffee lovers. With their effort, knowledge and professional hard work, Billy cafe can provide the very unique and high quality coffee service to the locals.

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