Designed for those working with large volumes Precise, easy to handle, intuitive to use and always reliable, even with intensive use. Pre-set function for the amount of water used to brew the coffee.

Technical details:

  • P.I.D. heating system
  • LCD
  • Automatic on/off
  • Energy savings
  • Count control
  • Automatic wash
  • Maintenance alarms
  • Underlevel wand: long wand for perfect modular use.
  • Hammer: lever designed ergonomically for progressive steam release.
  • Smooth flow: for a smooth, regular flow that delivers an even velvety espresso.
  • Steam box: customised steam flow and pressure for a moist, compact “crema”.
  • “Easy use” keypad: “Easy use” keypad, designed for to be intuitive and comfy to touch.
  • Mug bowl: reversible rack to manage several cups.

Size: 930 x 570 x 600 (mm)

Weight: 80 KG

Power: 25 Amp

Watt: 5000 W