Coffee and Cupping Details

  • Tasting Notes: Jazmin, pomarosa, saturated sweetness, superior cleanliness, sparkling flavor that range from berry and citrus to mango, papaya and peach. A very distinct bergamot-like finish is typical in the cup profile.

  • Score: 95

  • Varietal: Geisha

  • Processing Method: Washed

Farm Details

  • Farm Name: Elida Estate

  • Farmer Name: Lamastus Family

  • District: Alto Quiel, Boquete
  • Farm Elevation: 1,850m

  • Drying Method: Sun Dry on raised beds

Brew Guide

  • AGE BEST USED 7-14 days after roast
  • Brewing Method: Pour Over
  • Dose: 15g
  • Brewing Weight: 250ml
  • Temperature: 92°C