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  • Espresso and steamed milk blend exquisitely to create perfectly contrasted latte art with ORIGAMI cup.

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The inner thickness is carefully calculated for a delightfully soft touch to the lips.

The inner thickness of cups has not attracted serious attention of the producers until now. If it receives any attention at all, thinner and more even walls are appreciated as the sign of the superior finish. On the contrary, ORIGAMI deliberately alters the thickness of different surface and locations. For example, the part touching the lips are designed to have sufficient strength while offering the delightful touch – not too thick or too thin.

Origami cup feature

The “convective structure” supports the latte art.

With the smooth curve from the edge of the cup to the bottom, we aim to actualize the “convective structure” enabling espresso and milk to mix seamlessly in the cup. This supports latte art with sharp contrast. Additionally, the right degree of convection allows you to pour coffee while embracing the aroma. Now, you can serve coffee that is a little different from before.

The stable handles perfectly accommodate baristas’fingers.

For baristas, the handles of cups are the key operation assistants in preparing beverages and creating latte art. Deliberately making them small, ORIGAMI creates cups even women with smaller hands can hold firmly with no hassle. They are highly stable despite the small size, and they feel as if they were weightless. The design is also friendly for your customers to hold and drink from.

The design conforms to the specific size defined for baristas’ competitions

The c ups o f specific sizes are used at baristas’ competitions – 90ml for espresso and 180ml for cappuccino. In competitions, not only the flavor and aroma but the quality of the beverage when poured into the cup as well as the preparation process/details/fluid motion are all subject to evaluation. ORIGAMI products are made to such specifications. We sincerely aim at providing products baristas of the world love as their essential partner.

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