Evolution of CEROFFEE

CEROFFEE Coffee roaster

Smart – Experience smart roasting at your fingertips, LITERALLY

Wireless control and monitoring are available just by downloading CEROFFEE Pro app to your mobile or tablet PC.

Open the app and the roasting can be completed with just a few touches.

When the pre-heat temperature is reached or the roasting is completed, the alarm sounds simultaneously via the roaster and app; so you don’t even need to touch CEROFFEE during roasting, except when you put green beans and take out roasted beans.

Share profiles with CEROFFEE users all around the world using CEROFFEE apps.

Check and test your CEROFFEE through check app; error code will be shown when a malfunction occurs and let you know where to check.

The QR code that comes with green beans allows you to use profiles created by experts.

It measures and shows the surface temperature of the green beans and the internal temperature of the drum in real-time.

The automatic calibration function for voltage fluctuations ensures the heater output is constant.

On the first roasting and once in every three roasting, the roaster and the app will sound the ‘chaff tray cleaning’ alarm for safe and clean roasting.

Easy software update via USB.

Professional – Detailed settings for roasting experts

You can set pre-heat temperature and pre-heat temperature holding time(up to 1 hour).

Full control over temperature, time, and heater power at any stages lets you create your own profiles.

All the information you need for creating profiles will be automatically shown in real-time on app; temperatures(bean & drum), roasting time, heater power, turning point, & RoR. Once you touch ‘1st crack’ button on the app, it will also automatically calculate and show ‘development time’ and DTR. You can even write down green bean/roasting/cupping information.

Save, copy, and modify profiles however you like and compare up to 3 profiles.

Innovative – Various features that have never existed before

The ceramic heater doesn’t make electrical noise.

Far-infrared radiation emission from ceramic heaters with the highest output density per unit area makes beans evenly roasted inside and outside even at the light roasting.

A large observation window makes it easy to see the entire roasting process.

The drum is easily attached and detached for cleaning.

The condensation tray is attached to reduce the contamination inside the drum and machine, making CEROFFEE lasts longer.

An innovative structure to prevent overheating inside the machine enables consecutive roasting.

Easy – There is no roaster that is quite like CEROFFEE

If you use a built-in program or a saved profile, CEROFFEE will roast, discharge, and cool down the freshly roasted beans all by itself.

All you need to do is touch the start button, put the beans, and collect the beans; it is perfect for beginners who have not done any roasting before.

The intuitive DIY structure enables easy cleaning, inspection and repair.

Economic – Economical roaster in every aspect

High value for money.

Using CEROFFEE means saving energy & labor.

Its high energy efficiency minimizes electrical charges.{Electricity cost per use: 25 KRW (CRF-800) & 30 KRW (CRF-1600)}

No additional electrical and plumbing work is required.

CEROFFEE specifications

Item CRF-800 CRF-1600
Capacity 300~800CC (about 150~600g) 600~1600CC (about 400~1200g)
Rated Voltage 220Vac Single-phase 60Hz 10A 220Vac Single-phase 60Hz 15A
Rated Power 1.6kw 2.7kw
Power Consumption Per Use About 0.27kw About 0.32kw
Size 580(w)x540(l)x610(h)mm 740(w)x570(l)x810(h)mm
Weight About 40kg About 60kg