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BEHMOR Brazen Plus Coffee Brewer

NZ$299.00 + GST, incl. GST is NZ$343.85

This revolutionary coffee brewer is more like an electronic pour over than the old style filter coffee machines.
The Brazen Plus has all the features and pin-point accuracy to produce an outstanding brew every time.

Suitable for home, the office and cafes.

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As the coffee world becomes even more refined, attention has been turning back to older brewing methods.  While espresso is intense and “quick” (as it’s name implies), brewed coffee brings out fuller, cleaner flavours in the coffee.  It is a softer coffee, that you may find does not need to be cut with milk.

The Brazen Plus offers:

Exact Temperature Control

  • You set the temperature you want
  • The Brazen will heat your water to the degree – automatically adjusting for altitude
  • Manual water drop allows you to use exact heating for Chemex, plunger and even tea

Gentle and Even Water Distribution

  • Pulsing shower head gently drops onto the grounds evenly
  • Flat bottomed filter design to ensure even distribution

Timed Pre Infusion

  • You determine how long the grounds brew – between 1 and 4 minutes

Other Features

  • Timer to set coffee brewing at a time that suits you
  • Thermal carafe keeps the coffee warm – without baking the coffee

You can use paper filters – but don’t need to with the gold filter (just keep it clean).

The Brazen Plus is one of very few machines that meet the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s rigorous standards for quality home brewing.

Recommended Configuration

Because the Brazen Plus can be configured in varied ways, we have some starting out recommendations.  Obviously, you need to enter your own altitude.

For 1.2l water

  • 45 seconds pre-soak
  • 92°C water temperature
  • 80g coffee (ground slightly finer than plunger)

For 600ml water

  • 45 seconds pre-soak
  • 92°C water temperature
  • 40g coffee