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Acaia Orion Bean Doser

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The Acaia Orion Bean Doser offers you precise control over your coffee dosing

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Acaia have designed the Orion Bean Doser, a customisable tool for dosing out your coffee. A professional compact coffee bean dosing system, the Orion offers exceptional speed, precision, and control over bean portioning.

– Fast, weight-based, on-demand dosing. The Orion Bean Doser is capable of dosing 225g in 12 seconds, and 20g in 2 seconds, within the error margin of 2-3 beans.
– Full automatic mode. Designed with a fully automatic mode which continues dosing multiple containers without the need to press any buttons.
– Intuitive dial-in interface with three preset modes for storing different target weights.
– Weighing Scale Mode. The Orion Bean Doser can function as a smart industrial scale, weighing up to 3kg.
– Intelligent Dosing System. Automatically learn and adapt between every dose, minimizing the error margin towards a more accurate and consistent dosing.
– Statistic Tracking System. The Orion Bean Doser tracks and stores information, such as the total number of doses or total weight of the dosing session.

– Bluetooth connectivity to all of Acaia’s apps.
– Aluminium construction with a dark grey anodised finish.
– Weight Capacity: up to 3kg.
– Interchangeable hoppers: 400g or 2kg capacity.

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