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  • Chocolate Coating Machine – 120kg Pan Coater

    NZD8,999.00 + GST, inc. GST is NZD10,348.85


    • Diameter: 1250mm
    • Material: 316L stainless steel


    • Heating: 3kw
    • Main motor: 2.2kw
    • Professional industrial wide view camera lens, high-end CCD sensor from Japan, high reliability and long life LED light source;
    • Ultra-fast FPGA processors from the US, 3D intelligent recognition technology, combined colour sorting, shape sorting and material sorting functions;
    • High frequency and high air flow ejectors, suitable for a wide range of materials, high efficiency;
    • Full colour with wide spectrum, intelligent system, self-learning function, easy operation.
  • Mini Colour Sorter

    NZD14,999.00 + GST, inc. GST is NZD17,248.85
    • The latest full-colour imaging and analysis technology, high-speed processing, accurate identification
    • High level AI self-learning function, one-click automation, user-friendly interface, easy to operate
    • Multi-function, multi-purpose, widely used in green coffee, roasted coffee, rice, cereal, plastic
    • High and specification ensures high stability, with high sorting accuracy, less carry over and low energy consumption
    • Compact and portable, saving space and delivery cost, the machine is small but functional and powerful
    • Imported ejectors, smaller air consumption, and better ejection effect,  especially suitable for quinoa, chia, sesame and other small materials
    • Options: remote control by smart terminals such as mobile phones, can achieve remote control of the accuracy, production capacity and halt of the machines
    • Simple and effective installation, start-up and commissioning services; remote teaching and guidance via online live video to worldwide
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